About Us

May 31, 2015 |

Welcome to the world of Ink and Needle art at “Manjeet Tattooz” Tattoo Shop in Delhi, is the tattoo studio of the tattooist Manjeet Singh, Who is the Guinness World Record winner tattoo artist in India. One of the most famous & best tattoo artist in New Delhi. After devoting nearly 19 years of his life to the art of painting and tattooing Manjeet still believes that he learns new things from every line he draws on skin. Manjeet started showing his skills in sketching when he was in school, after moving out of the school Manjeet started working as a Banner line artist and started painting banners for Bollywood movies, Manjeet worked with Art Group Studio, Art and Art and Chitrakala from 1993 to 1998. Manjeet left working with banner painting in 2000 and started his own career as a Painter and started doing Canvas Paintings, Graffiti in showrooms and painting the Kids room, after working as a painter for more than a decade in 2005 Manjeet got influnced by Tattoos and wanted to inscribe his art on the skin and he got into tattooing.

Manjeet Tattooz is one of the Best Tattoo Shop in Delhi we have served everyone across West & South Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh & even have clients coming from United States, United Kingdom & Australia who come to get their choice of tattoo made specially by Mr. Manjeet Singh, the owner.

Mostly self taught, Manjeet singh has been Tattooing Professionally since 2007 and has attended and worked along with some brilliant artists from other countries in tattoo events and tattoo conventions held across India and other countries. In 2012 Manjeet won the award for the Best portrait tattoo in India’s 2nd International tattoo convention. Manjeet is running a tattoo shop in Delhi which is one of the best tattoo studios in India. Being a Sikh Manjeet loves to do tattoos inspired by Sikh religion and specializes in Portraits and other Black & Gray tattoos. Manjeet Tattooz is serving its clients from all over India and other countries from last several years and meeting their expectations successfully. Manjeet Tattooz firmly believes that with vivid imagination and open mind we can Ink which you think in your dreams.