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Tattoo Training

The art of tattooing has always been transffered from one generation to another through the system of appreticeship.

Apprenticeship is a kind of learning system in which the master does the work and the students who wants to learn does the shadowing which means standing around the master and seeing what the master is doing and the master didnt explain what he was doing. So all the learning was just on the basis of observation. That in return the students does whatever the master asks them to do be it cleaning the studio or getting things from the woods or market. That is how learning took place earlier.

Now what we look forward to is that we provide the same environment as Apprenticeship in which the student understands what tattoos are, why hygeine is important in tattooing and then how to tattoo.

Also we make our students go through rigrous art practice as art is all about practice; more you draw , more you know.

So oour initial phase of trainng is solely dedicated to ART (sketching and all). Then following months we take them to the tattooing chair.


“Doing interiors is one thing but decorating the wall is another.”

We take our tattooing psychology that a personality should be portrayed through the artwork we put in ; and then we do the wall art.

Permanent Tattoo

We prefer talking to you first about what kind of artwork appeal to you or what your taste is. Permanent Tattoos is a commitment so we make sure you get that time to sit and discuss about what would look good on you.

Main USP – time we give to our clients for the designing. Because it is not just a tattoo, It is your thought process that is being inked on your body.

Our Work

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