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The World Atlas Of Tattoos is the name of the book which strikes an image of worlds top class Tattoo Artists featured all together in it. This art book was written by tattoo historian Anna Felicity Friedman who is a writer and tattoo enthusiast and the book got published by the Yale University Press from california.

Manjeet Singh from (New Delhi) India is the best tattoo artist and one of the three artists who got featured in this book.Manjeet singh got a chance to show his work to the world through this book because of his super realistic tattoos which he does and every tattoo done by him speaks for itself. The portrait of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is one of the most famous and signature tattoo done by Manjeet singh and gets better everytime he does it. His portrait tattoo of Salvador Dali with furrowed forehead and curious big eyed expression with stroked, exaggerated and waxed moustache keeps us awestruck.

Manjeet Singh a self-taught artist who began his carreer as a painter for bollywood movies has now taken the tattoo industry in india to the new horizon. His use of bright and energetic colors along with impeccable line work bring such lifeblood to his work.

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World Atlas Of Tattoos

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