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Best Portrait tattoo artist in india

Best Portrait tattoo artist in india

Manjeet Singh is one of the top 100 tattoo artists around the world.Manjeet Tattooz won the award for Best Portrait Tattoo in India’s 2nd International Tattoo Convention In the compitition for this Award with National artists from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and International artist’s from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain and Italy.

Guinness World Record Tattoo Artist India

Guinness World Record

Manjeet Singh is one of the top 100 tattoo artists around the world. Manjeet is one of the very few tattoo artists in India who holds a Guinness world record with Mr.Rishi for doing most number of flags which is 199 on Mr.Rishi. The session of this world record was held between July 2009 to February 2010.

World Atlas Of Tattoos

The World Atlas Of Tattoos is the name of the book which strikes an image of worlds top class Tattoo Artists featured all together in it. This art book was written by tattoo historian Anna Felicity Friedman who is a writer and tattoo enthusiast and the book got published by the Yale University Press from california.

After gettin a position in World,s Top 100 tattoo artist list Manjeet Tattooz got featured at the Quint.com. You can see the journey of Manjeet Singh from a painter to becoming India’s top tatoo artist. Click on this video to see how Manjeet singh achieved this Glorious Platform.

Amit Tandon one of the most famous tv actors in india and known for his tattoos as well in the industry got his one of the most precious tattoo from Manjeet Tattooz which is the portrait of his grandparents on his forearm and Amit says this tattoo is the closest to his heart. Have a look and listen to what Amit says about the journey of his tattoos.

Tattoo done by Manjeet sir , fabulous command on hand and great experience of his tattoo. Thank you so much Manjeet sir , God bless you and your career

Aseem Shukla

You actually think it and they will ink it for you.

Kartik Sharma

Paji , May bless you with enormous success best health and happiness and fulfilling times always . You are blessed & you have succeeded all
expectation. God bless you .Thanks a lot.

Deepak Bhatiya