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How to Think About your Tattoo?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

How to Think About your Tattoo?

So the mistake started when my friend saw Shivaay. When he told me that he’s going get a trishul tattoo on his back just like Ajay devgan but a smaller version of it, I stopped talking to him for quite some time. But I regularly called up his place to check whether he was fine.

See understand this “Tattoo is like being born by your own choice”.

Your first birth is when you were actually born but your second birth is when you start realizing things and start doing things accordingly. That is the time when you actually start knowing yourself. And that is the time to mark something on your body to capture that power or realization that made you change your view for betterment and stay focused. That marking is your Tattoo and this content is what you should get.

Now with this thought it can be anything. Say few days back a client came in on his Bajaj nx200 to Manjeet Tattooz and we started talking about his tattoo design. He came up with a very basic design of heartbeat and vector of a bike with a heart. But after the talking session we came to know that he has covered almost whole of north India on his bike. So we thought of customizing the tattoo according to his personality and make something which describes him more. As he wanted a small tattoo so we took the head of the bike and merged it with mountains and did a small custom piece.

So just like Him everyone has that thing which is known as Passion which sums up the tattoo content most of the time. Getting tattooed is like finding yourself and giving direction to your life.

Think wisely about what to get tattooed not just watch a movie get AWARA written on your back or trishul on your back

So, if you want top tattoo artists in Delhi or tattoo training institute in Delhi come over to Manjeet Tattooz and know what kind of tattoo might suit you.

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