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Respect The Artwork

Respect The Artwork

So when you go and sit with some artist, do you want him to ask for money before he starts helping you with the design ? No right ? So what makes you think that you can easily slip the paper on which he doodled your design without even asking him or without paying him.

If someone comes to you for work , will you give him whatever you sell without getting paid? Will it make sense to you ? Artists sell their idea and artwork. Also there are few artists who only customize designs , for them that sketch is what they sell.

“Bhaiya tattoo Karana Tha. Kuch dikha do Kya ho sakta Hai” “Kya socha Hai ? ” “Socha ki kuch geometric pattern Mei banwana Hai , mountains ke saath” After sketching for a while , the artist shows the sketch to the client. ” Haan aisa kuch acha Hai . Kitne ka padega yeh” Artist gives the pricing. ” Acha , Chalo Bhaiya Mai confirm Kar dunga. Yeh design dedo Mai dikhwa dunga Ghar pe ”

Manjeet Tattooz supports all those artists who customize tattoos according to the clients personality.

Respect the generosity of those artists and respect their time.

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